Julia Dybowska on vacation in Dubai. She loved this place.

Julia Dybowska on vacation in Dubai. She loved this place.
Julia Dybowska on vacation in Dubai. She loved this place.

Julia Dybowska she leads an extremely luxurious life, which her fans can follow on social media. The Polish celebrity placed her feelings in a much older businessman of Tehran origin.

The couple lives in London, but Julia rarely goes there. At least that’s what we can conclude from her social media, where she posts photos and videos from all over the world.

The star, known for her passion for expensive clothing brands, also has a great love for exclusive travel. She loves Italy, France, Monaco, but it turns out that a special place in her heart is occupied by the United Arab Emirates, or more precisely, one city in it – Dubai.

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This is where it happens regularly and most often. Where does this love for this particular place in the world come from?

Julia Dybowska spares no money for an extremely luxurious life. Expensive clothes from the most famous designers in the fashion world are just the tip of the iceberg.

The businessman’s beloved spends a lot of time taking care of herself – cosmetics and aesthetic medicine also require financial outlays.

Also looking at Julia’s photos and videos in London, the couple owns several expensive properties, and when traveling, they stay in the best apartments or live on the most exclusive yachts imaginable.

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No wonder he’s alone Julia Dybowska liked Dubaibecause this city is known for its wealth, splendor and luxury.

Julia Dybowska also finds a great opportunity for fashion shopping there, because the local boutiques offer the latest trends in their collections.

You can’t complain about boredom in Dubai – the most sophisticated entertainment at exorbitant prices awaits tourists who can afford such expenses.


The Polish woman is relaxed and happy while in Dubai. She happily presents her latest outfits to her fans and poses for photos in them.

This time, she dazzled her fans with a white holiday set – a button-up top and short shorts – she combined it with a straw hat, sunglasses, a small handbag and yellow flip-flops.

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She also showed off her smiling face and extremely slim and long legs. Fans unanimously said that she looks amazing and holidays are good for her.

She caused similar reactions the day before when she presented herself in a light brown dress and with a broad smile on her face.

Does Dubai serve Julia Dybowska so much that she should consider moving there?


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