Tadeusz Sznuk did not believe what he heard. It wasn’t just the host who was stunned


Game show “One of Ten” has been extremely popular for almost 30 years. During this time, he has gathered a loyal group of fans who watch new episodes of the program with bated breath. Participants demonstrate great knowledge, but also the ability to overcome their limits during stressful situations.

Those fighting for the main prize also have no problem with… in a few sentences to be remembered by the audience. This was the case, among others, in the case of Mr. Krzysztof from Lębork, who took part in the 140th episode of the series.


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Tadeusz Sznuk he asked him one question. This was enough to begin… an interesting exchange.

“Mr. Krzysztof from Lębork deals with risk analysis. I have to ask, Mr. Krzysztof. What resulted from the risk analysis of taking part in the game show “One of Ten”?” – asked the host.

“There is practically no risk. You can either win a game show or become a meme star,” replied Krzysztof from Lębork.

“Well, basically, you’re right,” said the presenter, a bit confused by this answer.

When Krzysztof won the program, Sznuk summed it up briefly and bluntly:

“You are already a winner, and maybe you will become a meme hero.”

The “One of Ten” program has undergone huge changes. Although it is one of the most popular programs of TVP, Telewizja Polska has modified its autumn schedule. The 141st season of the game show, which was to start on Monday, November 27 this year, has been canceled.


From that day on, during the broadcast of the game show hosted by Tadeusz Sznuk, the station will show reruns of the 134th season. So viewers will see episodes from November-December 2022, in which the winner was Dawid Żak.

Viewers clearly expressed their opposition and dissatisfaction. They do not hide that they do not support such cuts in TVP. Especially since they concern the audience’s favorite program.

In addition to the above-mentioned game show, new episodes of the popular series “Ojciec Mateusz” will not be broadcast. Their premiere has been postponed to spring.

“The president of TVP says that you have to look for savings wherever you can. This series already has so many episodes that whether new episodes or old ones, you watch them at a similar level. People no longer fully remember the old episodes and crime riddles that it’s full there, so it’s more profitable for the station to broadcast reruns whenever there’s a good opportunity and an excuse,” an informant explained to the Plotek portal about the cuts on TVP.

“One of ten” has been on TVP since June 1994. It must be admitted that a show with such a long history will not be easily “received” by a loyal audience.

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