The scandal after Cugowski’s words. A stir throughout Poland


Krzysztof Cugowski is one of the most famous vocalists in Poland. The 73-year-old co-founded a cult rock band for years Suflera’s boothwith whom he recorded twelve studio albums.

He started alongside the late Romuald Lipka and Tomasz Zeliszewski. The men were a great trio, but then a conflict broke out, which resulted in the suspension of Budka Suflera’s activities.

Unexpectedly, a few years later, the band returned to the stage, but Cugowski was no longer behind the microphone. Zaliszewski, who took advantage of the absence of his colleagues, took over the group and hired a new vocalist – Jacek Kawalec.


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Krzysztof Cugowski about the reactivation of Budka Suflera! For money?

The matter came back into the spotlight with the round anniversary of Budka Suflera. The official entries emphasized that the group honored with the invitation also included famous vocalists, headed by Krzysztof Cugowski.

Surprisingly, the stage star indicated by name and surname did not fail to comment on the anniversary. As he admitted, he did not intend to celebrate such an important date alongside people who had a negligible contribution to creating the team.

“I’m not interested at all, Budka Suflera doesn’t exist” – he confessed in an interview with “Fakt”.

What’s more, the singer does not hide the fact that he is focusing on the multitude of responsibilities and on the mentioned date he will be in a completely different place where he will play a concert.

“It could even be the 100th anniversary, I wish them the 100th anniversary. Let them celebrate what they want, I’m not interested in it, it just makes them laugh. I’ll just wave to them when I’m going somewhere,” he said sharply.

As he admitted, it is difficult to talk about Budka Suflera when the core that formed it over the years is no longer there. “There is no Romuald Lipka. Only one person remained from the original team,” he emphasized.


His statement clearly shows that the group’s reactivation took place against his will. What’s more, someone else is currently signing the brand that he himself put a lot of work and heart into.

“What’s more, there is no one there to celebrate the 50th anniversary, because none of them were there when this band was formed. What are we even talking about, it’s a shame to talk about it” – finished.

Tomasz Zeliszewski accepted his colleague’s opinion coolly, noting that arousing negative emotions would not do any good in this matter. In a conversation with the media, he emphasized that everyone has the right to their own opinion – including Cugowski.

“Krzysztof Cugowski is an adult, he can have an opinion on any topic,” he confessed in an interview with Plejada.

The band’s drummer, who has been performing with Budka Suflera since 1975, does not hide the fact that he felt a bit left out by the group’s former vocalist. His contribution to the development of the band remained unnoticed, although he recorded all Budka Suflera albums together with other musicians.

“I can’t really comment on his opinion and I don’t know if I would like to. I have been part of this band for almost 50 years and have recorded all Budka Suflera albums. I will not mock anyone’s comments, this is a privilege of democracy. I haven’t expressed an opinion about him for 10 years, we have no professional contact with each other despite invitations to various occasions, because I consider it an elegant, natural and appropriate thing.” – added.

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