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Weronika Rosati delivered happy news from the United States. Congratulations are pouring in


Daughter actress Weronika Rosati On weekends he goes to the Polish school “Polish Alma Mater”. On Instagram, the star has already shown her diploma from the ceremony of becoming a student, which caused a lot of positive emotions in the star’s fans.

“First grader. How and when did the time pass?” – Weronika wrote on Instagramright below the photo with the child.


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As fans confessed, they themselves are surprised at how quickly the actress’s daughter started growing up.

“This is a breakthrough moment. My daughter is going to a Polish school. Good luck, little Polka.”

“The name of the school… It sounds scary. Congratulations to the first-grader!” – positive comments started pouring in.

Little Elizabeth, who received the photo after the cinema legend – Elizabeth Taylor, is the daughter of actress Weronika Rosati and the orthopedic doctor who treated her leg after a car accident caused by Piotr Adamczyk.

Unfortunately, just half a year after the girl’s birth, the actress and the doctor decided to end their relationship. Shortly thereafter, a custody battle began. Sad accusations were made and various types of dirt were brought to light on the other side of the conflict.

Currently, the girl lives with her mother. The women are doing great in Los Angeles. Importantly, the six-year-old attends two schools at the same time. As mentioned earlier, I only go to the Polish one on weekends.

“She knows I speak English, so she forces it […]. She went to a Polish weekend school, which I really cared about. Now we go to Polish school every Saturday because I would like her to learn to speak, read and write well in Polish,” Rosati revealed in an interview with Plejada.


However, in an interview with ShowNews, Rosati emphasized that the decision to enroll Elizabeth in a Polish school… was hers alone.

“This is a girl who is very curious about the world and likes to learn. […] she also went to a Polish weekend school because I really wanted – it was my decision – for her to learn to write and read in Polish.

According to a ShowNews informant, the monthly fee for one child in such a school is about $70, and for another child it is $50. Additionally, fees for books and insurance are deducted.

Although Rosati is not afraid of acting challenges, Weronika said it directly in an interview with Jastrząb Post she confessed what her current life priority is and how he approaches life “on the road”:

“I focus on motherhood. My career is my profession. And I have to provide my daughter with a home and education. I want to give her the best life possible, like any mother. This is my profession that I have to do. I would like to play in good films, it doesn’t matter Where”.

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