Katarzyna Nosowska urgently appeals to TVN. Nobody knew that about her


Katarzyna Nosowska likes to surprise with bold song lyrics, and, as time has shown, also with unexpected collaborations that can end in quite a drama (I am, of course, talking about the situation with Caroline Derpiński, who came into conflict with Nosowska after advertising plant milk).

As it turns out, original ways of promoting products are not the end of surprises from Nosowska. The singer unexpectedly admitted that she is a fan of the programs “Hotel Paradise” and “Love Island”. He also follows the fate of the Kardashians. In a conversation with Kuba Wojewódzki and Piotr Kędzierski, she directly admitted that realist shows show problems that interest her.


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Katarzyna Nosowska revealed the behind-the-scenes of the voting in the Fryderyk chapter!

Kuba Wojewódzki he left no stone unturned on programs of this type and simply called them “sterile”. Nosowska couldn’t ignore it.

“I don’t leave the house much, so I watch the world and people in these programs,” she replied.

She then shared an interesting observation.

“Everyone on these damn shows is like, ‘I have a crush on you.’ Could someone from production please tell these people that you don’t say that! I go crazy when I hear that. I say: “I’m infatuated with you”, “I’m infatuated with him”, not “with him”. (…) It’s been so many years of watching it and they do it every season. Why?!” the star complained.

Katarzyna Nosowska emphasized that “Hotel Paradise” comments on an ongoing basis with her colleague and musician, Błażej Król. It seems that variety shows are very popular in the music industry.


“This program shows that young people are wrong, that they are lost, that they desperately need acceptance and attention. They also want fame and money. These programs show that many young people are lost,” Kasia continued, moved.

It’s good to know that Kasia Nosowska has both her hands full and free time for entertainment. It doesn’t seem like the singer cares about what Caroline Derpiński says in the media. Finally, after the loud scandal involving the parody of Caroline, which Nosowska committed in an advertisement, the young star announced that she would take legal action. Recently, she returned to the topic, briefly summarizing how a large group of professionals work on documents: :

“In a case involving PLN 50 million, it’s not just about paying money and “it will work out somehow”, but about solid preparation with experts, witnesses, the entire lawsuit. Several dozen people have been working on it since day one!”

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