Daily horoscope from fortune teller Aira. Check what will happen on November 21, 2023.


You will be much more brilliant today than usual. Maybe it’s due to a good night’s sleep? Either way, you can learn difficult things more effectively. It’s time to do something for yourself. A Far Eastern foreign language course can be a great option.

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I guess it’s time to tighten my belt. You are looking for savings, but you do nothing about it except saying that you are looking. Start with yourself. Maybe you don’t need another pair of shoes or another piece of clothing or gadget. Avoid shop windows today. Don’t open your computer to shop online. This will be good to start with.

You have a very combative and serious task to perform today. You must set an example for others on how to work and cooperate with each other. It’s been difficult for you to get along with each other lately and you have to rise to the occasion to unite the team. Ask about everything. The collected answers will allow you to determine your strategy.

Today you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Plan your vacation for a few days today, and you will receive these days from your boss and go to the place of your choice. You will recharge your batteries and gain strength for everyday life struggles. Maybe buy a train ticket today and don’t worry about the change.

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You are always helping others and not thinking about yourself. It’s time to change this state of affairs. Stop today and look at yourself. Let others take care of others, and today you take care of yourself. Even allow yourself to be bored. She is also important in life. Sometimes it helps to gain distance from everyday life.

Today there may be a person who will bring a lot of energy to your life. You will finally see that you can live a completely different life. Let her get to know you. Meet and learn. Observe and experience. This acquaintance may also be the beginning of something very romantic. Everything depends on you.

You may have a lot on your mind today. But you also need to find time to support your friend in need. Personal or partnership relationships are the most important in life and you cannot fail today. Give it your all, and your friend will not only be grateful, but will not be indebted to you.

Lately, you have been spending too little time on your external appearance. You don’t pay attention to the fact that your wardrobe hasn’t aged well and you don’t look good in everything. Yet external appearance matters. It’s time to change your wardrobe to a more modern one. Start with cleaning, then go shopping.

You have been looking at someone close to you for some time, but you don’t have the courage to approach them and talk to them. You’ll miss something quickly if you don’t act. Come and talk. It will turn out that you really have a lot in common, and this will give you the foundations for an interesting relationship from which something wonderful may emerge.

The day will be calm and you will be happy and full of vitality. Maybe it’s worth doing something unusual after work. Take a group of friends with you and maybe take a trip out of the city to the bosom of nature. You can always end up at home in a cozy armchair under a blanket with a book in your hand.

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Today, everyone at work will see that your love life is thriving and doing quite well. You can’t hide the blush on your face or the inexhaustible energy in you. You finally have something to be proud of. Maybe you will also be an inspiration for others to get their other half of the apple.

Surprise everyone today. You’ve been doing something secret from the team for several days. Now show everyone what you can do. You will surprise everyone and, of course, your boss. Your results will immediately skyrocket. You can easily count on a promotion and, of course, a raise. Others will follow your example.

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