Akacjowa 38 episodes 235, 236, 237 summary. Justo suffers a painful attack

Akacjowa 38 episodes 235, 236, 237 summary. Justo suffers a painful attack
Akacjowa 38 episodes 235, 236, 237 summary. Justo suffers a painful attack

Akacjowa 38 – what is the series about? Carmen is pregnant and lives in an abusive relationship. When her husband, under the influence of alcohol, tries to rape her, she kills him and buries his body in the forest. On the way back, she gives birth to a child and leaves him in a nearby monastery shelter, promising herself that one day she will return for her daughter. The woman changes her identity and from then on, as Manuela, she works as a maid at 38 Akacjowa Street. She is accompanied by her mother. The series is set in the years 1899 – 1920 – just after the Spanish-American War.

Akacjowa 38 – when and where to watch the series?

Series Akacjowa 38 can be watched from Monday to Saturday at 18:45 on air TVP2. Broadcast of episodes 235, 236, 237 will take place on November 20-22, 2023and you will see all episodes on VOD.TVP.PL.

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Akacjowa 38 – summary of episode 235 – Monday, November 20, 2023

Manuela and Leandro return with the wounded German to Akacjowa. Manuela tells everyone that her daughter died on the way. Cayetana does not give up and wants to take revenge on Manuela and German. Residents of Akacjowa celebrate the New Year at the La Deliciosa cake shop. Meanwhile, Juliana keeps company with Susana, who is mourning her husband.

Akacjowa 38 – summary of episode 236 – Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Casilda is still convinced that misfortune will befall her. Just in case, he doesn’t leave his room. Paciencia is happy because she thinks she got a Twelfth Night gift from Servando. Meanwhile, Victor’s gift is for Maria Luisa. German tells Justo that he has secured evidence from a notary that Justo killed the Marquis de Sanchidrian.

Akacjowa 38 – summary of episode 237 – Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Justo suffers a painful attack. He asks Cayetana to give him medicine. She first wants to find out what German did to intimidate Just. Akacjowa Street celebrates Epiphany. Victor finds out that Paciencia is wearing hairpins that he bought for Maria Luisa.

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