Fans of “Va Banque” point out the mistakes of the authors of the questions. It was about Kate Ryan and trolling


Game show “Va Banque” debuted on TVP2 in 1996. He was its host for the first 7 years Kazimierz Kaczor.


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The program disappeared from the air in 2003, and public television only remembered it again 17 years later.

New version, hosted by Przemysław Babiarzdid so well that in September 2022 Dwójka decided to broadcast dailyinstead of, as before, only from Monday to Friday.

As can be concluded from audience research, the game show has already gained a loyal and devoted audiencewhich averages 1.35 million views of premiere episodes.

The slogans used in the program are then widely discussed on the official profile of the game show. Understandably, the most heated discussions concern those that, according to viewers, were worded incorrectly or incomprehensibly.

Fans considered it one of the biggest blunders of the new season question about the artist’s name, which promoted the hit “Désenchantée”. The following entry appeared in the “Category” section:

“This Belgian pop singer launched the hit “Désenchantée”.

The presenter, as suggested by the script, expected a name to be mentioned Kate Ryanwho promoted her album “Different” with this song 20 years ago. According to some viewers, this is wrong. As one commenter noted on the show’s official Facebook profile:

“Today was a mistake because she launched the hit “Désenchantée”. Mylen Farmerand Kate Ryan is a cover.”

Program representative he immediately moved to refute the accusation. In his opinion, the name of the category clearly suggested that it was about a singer named Kate:

“Kate also launched. However, the category excluded Mylen.”


According to fans, the final question from the “On the Internet” category was even worse. The slogan was: “Posts controversial content to attract attention, its name comes from fishing.”

While fans were wondering about the breakneck connection between the Internet and fishing, it turned out to be “trolling”. This was hard for the viewers to accept. There were words of criticism on the game show’s Facebook profile:

“I had no idea the troll had anything to do with fishing, I would have given that answer, but I was convinced it was about something else.”

“But the troll is from fishing? I didn’t know that…”

“Shouldn’t the answer be ‘baiter’?” I don’t see much connection between a troll and fishing…”

Well, as we know, one of the charms of every game show is waiting for an opportunity to point out the mistakes of the question authors. Without it it wouldn’t be so pleasant…

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