Janowski had many difficult experiences with “Name that melody?”. He finally left his job with a bang


In 2017, shocking information circulated in the media that “What melody is that?” may disappear from the air TVP. Then journalists tried hard to obtain any information from the source, but the station remained silent. So they turned to Robert Janowski, who did not hide his surprise at this news. As he revealed, he had no knowledge about it himself.

“In May we finished the previous season, as is my custom, I wished everyone nice holidays and ended with the words: “See you in September”. We were supposed to meet with the team before the break to discuss the past year and plan the next one. Then suddenly we started calling from journalists asking questions. “Is it true that this is the end of “Melodia”,” Janowski said in an interview with “Party” magazine.


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Robert Janowski about the proposal from “TTBZ” and the reasons for Cugowski’s departure!

It quickly became clear that something was actually going on. Shortly thereafter, Janowski was called in for an interview. The terrible rumors were ultimately not confirmed, but for Janowski it was little consolation:

“It turned out that TVP still wanted to make the program, but they had a new idea for it. The proposal was absolutely unacceptable. At one point it seemed that the program would no longer exist.”– the star later commented.

Robert Janowski did not want to let a show with such potential as “Jaka to melodia” be lost forever. So he decided to fight for the format one last time. He didn’t bite his tongue in a conversation with the management.

I expressed my opinion on the exclusion of a third-party manufacturer. I couldn’t and didn’t want to agree to it, because it would probably affect the quality of the program. We have achieved that there will be virtually no changes, except for the better: the program will be recorded in HD, not digital as before. revealed by Robert Janowski.

Robert Janowski parted ways with the program “Jaka to melodia?” received a lot of attention on the Internet. Fans of the program couldn’t believe that the star, who had become an integral face of the game show for twenty-one years of appearing in front of the camera, had said goodbye to his job. And all this just a year after he fought hard for the show’s better existence and to keep it on the air.


At that time, rumors spread loudly that the man was supposed to involve participants in the program who knew the list of songs in advance. Internet users’ attention also focused on the actions of his beloved wife. She, in turn, was accused of various offenses.

In the end, the celebrity couldn’t stand the harassment and publicly appealed to be left alone: “Leave my family alone”- Janowski said in an interview with “Party”.

Since then, the show has had two hosts – Norbie and Rafał Brzozowski. Despite the station’s previous doubts, it is still being continued and it does not seem likely that anything will change in this matter in the near future. Janowski found a new path for himself and successfully found his place in a competing station, where he sits on the program’s jury “Your face sounds familiar”.

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