Why did the “Czar Par” program disappear from television? Two couples arguing in the background


“Czar Par” by Bożena Walter was a Polish entertainment program that combined elements of a game show and a reality show. They hosted his first season in 1993-1996 Krzysztof Ibisz and Hanna Dunowska. Couples could win high-value prizes, including: house and car. “Czar Par” attracted millions of viewers, but it was unexpectedly taken off the air. What were the reasons? In the background, there was a scandal involving the winners of the third edition.

Two families took part in the finale of the third series of “Czaru Couples” in 1996: Mirosława and Zbigniew Kornalewicz and Renata and Dariusz Maron. Both pairs scored the same number of points, so overtime was announced in the form of a “Big Game” hosted by Stanisława Ryster. Both couples liked each other very much, which is why they declared the division of prizes.

Ultimately, the “Big Game” and the entire third edition the Kornalewicz family won. After winning, they continued to share the prizes with a friendly couple.

The house for the winners in the “Czara Pairs” was funded by Exbud. She wanted to make it easier to divide the prizes for the winning couples and paid them out the equivalent of an apartment in cash.

In the final of the program, the Kornalewicz family won an apartment in Łódź worth PLN 1.5 billion, a Seat Toledo for PLN 400 million and a set of furniture for the same price. Despite the assurances the winners did not share the prizes.

For many years, the media reported that this was why the program was suspended and the case ended in court. Renata Marona denied these rumors.

The Kornalewicz family was reluctant to answer questions about sharing the prizes from the “Czar Par” program with a friendly couple. Renata Marona decided to reveal a little secret about the sudden break in contact.

For the same website Mrs. Renata also confessed that she felt disgusted, but he is very happy with the awards for second place in the “Czar Par” program. The Marons won a trip to Australia, a language course, cash, and other prizes for each episode, e.g. a TV set.


The quarrel over the house in “Couple’s Cup” did not deprive the participants of their joy in participating in the program.

In 2019, the “Czar Par” program was reactivatedwhich was led by Izabella Krzan i Maciej Kurzajewski. It was broadcast from September 20 to December 13. The rules have been modified – the number of couples was reduced, the duration of the game show was shortened, and the main prize was PLN 300,000. zlotys.

This time there was no scandal, although perhaps not entirely. A few years later, it turned out that this was where the affair between Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski began, which they hid from their loved ones for a long time.


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