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Joanna Opozda took a photo with a monkey. Internet users comment sarcastically :: RMF FM

Joanna Opozda took a photo with a monkey. Internet users comment sarcastically :: RMF FM
Joanna Opozda took a photo with a monkey. Internet users comment sarcastically :: RMF FM

Joanna Opozda went on holiday to Bali. Of course, there were photos from the encounter with exotic animals. The actress added a post to Instagram with several selfies she took with a macaque. Some Internet users made sarcastic references to the 35-year-old’s former partner.

Joanna Opozda decided to take a short vacation. This is a perfect moment considering the current weather conditions in our country. The actress chose this place to rest a truly exotic paradise – Bali. This Indonesian island is famous for its luxurious hotels, beautiful landscapes and a climate that allows you to forget about everything unpleasant. Of course, you can also find species of plants and animals there that are hard to find in Europe, or at least in the natural environment. An example is macaque – this is the species of monkey that Joanna Opozda came across. She took a few selfies with the animal and posted them on Instagram. She commented on the post:

Hello my friend

It didn’t take long for fans to react. There were flattering comments under the photos, although some of them were they made sarcastic references to Antoni Królikowski, her husband, with whom she is in conflict.

Nice of you to support your ex
And I thought it was over with Antek

An actress by no means she did not respond to these comments.


Joanna Opozda – private life

Joanna Opozda married Antoni Królikowski on August 7, 2021. The couple lived to see each other son Vincent, However, right after his birth, information about the alleged breakdown of the marriage appeared in the media. The rumors turned out to be true – the couple broke up and started a divorce battle. Their every move was commented on by the media, especially since they did not mince their words, arguing, for example, about alimony. Today it is known that Antoni Królikowski is dating another woman, a Joanna raises Vincent alone. However, she avoids showing his face on social media.

Opozda was watching a cartoon with her son. An Internet user shouts: “Why are you playing this to him?” [WIDEO]

Joanna Opozda raises her one-year-old son on her own. On Instagram, she showed how she was watching bedtime with him. Some Internet users did not like the choice of fairy tale. Others, however, are delighted with the idea the 35-year-old came up with.

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