Shannen Doherty is fighting cancer. She showed a new recording

Shannen Doherty is fighting cancer. She showed a new recording
Shannen Doherty is fighting cancer. She showed a new recording

The star has been suffering from stage 4 breast cancer for several years, which unfortunately spread to the brain. Like few people, he talks openly about his struggles, showing good and bad moments.

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In 2020, court documents titled: “Shannen Doherty dies” were released to the media. Her lawyers then fought with the insurer – it refused to pay compensation after a house fire. “I wouldn’t have disclosed this fact under any other circumstances, but I felt I had to take control of my story,” she said.

Ultimately, the actress received well over $6 million, which allows her to live with dignity and not worry about whether she will have a roof over her head. And this is the most important thing when you already know the worst diagnosis. Doherty did not hide that the fight for life was terrifying and sometimes beyond her strength. — Previously, I was sure of one thing: I beat cancer once, I thought it was for good. I called myself a warrior, a true survivor, she said.

Shannen Doherty – how is she?

Despite what she was told, she wasn’t going to write goodbye letters or make any videos because that would mean the end. — I would show that I have given up, but I haven’t. I feel like a very healthy person. Why should I say goodbye when I feel like I will live another 10-15 years? – she asked in an interview for “Elle”.


Her husband, Kurt Iswarienko, supported her in the fight. That’s why the news about the couple’s breakup came as such a shock to fans. After 11 years of marriage, the American announced that it was over and the reason was the photographer’s betrayal. — Shannen had no choice, announced the actress’ manager, suggesting that Isvarienko had an affair with his assistant.

A few months earlier, cancer had spread to Doherty’s brain and she needed radiotherapy. A video of her crying while undergoing the first procedure was posted online. — My fear is obvious. I suffer from claustrophobia and there is a lot going on in my life. (…) I show it like it is – fans heard. Today, they smile as they look at their dancing and energetic idol. “Our queen!” – they write.

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