Quiz. Have you watched the movie “What will you do to me if you catch me”? Don’t make a mistake on the 4th question


Many films directed by Stanisław Bareja are still considered cult. The most famous productions from the Polish People’s Republic include “What will you do to me if you catch me?” The famous quote comes from this movie “You weren’t standing here”. Check our quiz to see if you really know this movie.

Quiz. “What will you do to me when you catch me”. Only those who watched will get 10/10

Stanisław Bareja’s film premiered in 1978. An interesting fact is that the production was ready a year earlier, but it was not immediately passed through the censorship. The director of “What will you do to me if you catch me” paid for it with a heart attack. Finally, the film was released to cinemas and viewers appreciated the production.

The film “What will you do to me if you catch me” is the source of several iconic quotes. I guess everyone has heard the words “You weren’t standing here!” Anyone who watched the production will definitely find a great place in this quiz. Check if you remember the most important things from the movie!

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photo: screen/Facebook Sex Demons and Sex Bombs of the Polish People’s Republic+ AF Archive/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News

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