Legacy, ep. 168 – summary. Seher is embarrassed to sleep in Yaman’s bedroom

Legacy, ep. 168 – summary. Seher is embarrassed to sleep in Yaman’s bedroom
Legacy, ep. 168 – summary. Seher is embarrassed to sleep in Yaman’s bedroom

Inheritance, episode 168 – summary. Zuhal locks himself in a room. The girl is devastated and has no self-control. She reproaches Iqbal for dragging her from London to Istanbul and ruining her life. Iqbal reassures his sister and swears that he will fix everything. Seher is embarrassed by the fact that she will sleep in Yaman’s bedroom. She is saved from trouble by Yusuf, who decided to sleep between her dad and mom that night. Frat can’t forget about Neslihan. At the same time, he blames himself for not finding out anything about the girl.

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Legacy – what is the series about?

The series tells the story of Yaman Kırımlı, a wealthy and charismatic businessman, and Seher Kerimoğlu, who leads an innocent and modest life. Both Yaman and Seher care for their nephew Yusuf. The boy had recently lost his mother, Seher’s sister, with whom the siblings had not spoken since she married without their father’s consent. Yaman is a very rich man from Crimea, but he cannot get rid of the effects of the difficult days he experienced in the past. Yaman, who has two older brothers, has never forgiven his mother who left them and ran away with another man. After this situation, Yaman Kırımlı hates women and does not trust any of them. Yaman wants to raise his nephew Yusuf to be a strong and ruthless person, while Seher wants to take his nephew and raise him as part of his sister and father’s legacy. Yaman Kırımlı doesn’t want to let this happen. After meeting, both of them will feel rejection and hatred towards their different personalities, but over time they will realize that they both want the good of their nephew Yusuf and the hatred will turn into love.

Legacy – cast

  • Halil İbrahim Ceyhan – Yaman Kirimli
  • Sıla Türkoğlu – Seher Kerimoğlu Kirimli
  • Nanuka Stambolishvili – Nanuka
  • Berat Rüzgar Özkan – Yusuf Kirimli
  • Gülderen Güler – Kiraz
  • Melih Özkaya – Ali/Kirimli
  • Tolga Pancaroğlu – Ziya Kirimli
  • Gülay Özdem – İkbal Kirimli
  • Osman Aydın – Selim
  • Hilal Yıldız – Zühal
  • Gözde Gürkan – Begüm

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