“Farmer looking for wife 10”. Agnieszka will appear in the final and she will not be alone


Agnieszka from “Farmer Wants a Wife 10” is the second, after Waldemarthe show participant who arouses the most emotions among viewers. The 40-year-old owner of a stud farm, restaurant and hotel is a determined woman and he knows what he wants. Her expectations for candidates were high. Agnieszka demands a lot from a man who would support her, but she is also very demanding of herself.


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Agnieszka from “Farmer Wants a Wife 10” some time ago she sent home her favorite, Mateusz. She thought that the man showed no initiative. Irek and Janek stayed on her farm. The first one had a good chance with Agnieszka, but the conversation during the date ruined everything. During it, Ireneusz admitted that he had already taken part in dating programs several times. This confession completely surprised the owner of the stud farm. She was disappointed that he wrote her a letter not for her own sake, but because he wanted to appear on a TV show for the fifth time.

In turn, Janek bravely kept company with the heroine of the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” and he made her laugh non-stop. It seemed like he would choose the funny miner. Nothing of that. Agnieszka didn’t join the show to find a funny person to entertain her. In Sunday’s program, the farmer decided not to choose any of the candidates and ended her participation in the program.

“I wish them all the best. I hope they will just find their other halves. That person is definitely not me.” – The farmer said after saying goodbye to the candidates.

Viewers in comments on social media believed that Agnieszka made the right decision. However, they did not spare bitter words towards the farmer. They thought she had a rather difficult character and was demanding. They congratulated… its candidates, writing that they were lucky to have been sent home.

  • “The boys won life. And Agnieszka, well, let her think about herself and her behavior”;
  • “Congratulations… she didn’t choose you”;
  • “Gentlemen… you won”;
  • “I wonder why she went to this program with such an attitude and requirements – she will probably be left alone,” viewers write.

Agnieszka’s decision means that the farmer will not appear in subsequent episodes of the program. She mentioned it Marta Manowska at the end of Sunday’s episode.

“For a moment we have to leave Agnieszka, who failed to find her soul mate and decided to move on alone. We will meet her in the finale.” – said Marta Manowska in the announcement.

Portal Party has concluded enough a daring theory that when Agnieszka appears in the finale, she will no longer be alone. Where did this idea come from?


“However, the viewer’s attention was drawn to a shot that appeared during the “Farmer Wants a Wife” host’s statement about Agnieszka. Then, an image of a couple hugging against the sunset background appeared on the viewers’ screens. It is not known who is in the said frame, but Could this be a sign that the farmer in question has found love outside the program and will appear with her beloved in the finale of the 10th edition of “The Farmer Wants a Wife”?” – we read on the Party website.

This is probably an exaggerated idea, because even if Agnieszka found love after the program, she would not appear with her chosen one at the recording of the finale. What do you think?

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