Ania from “Farmer Wants a Wife 10” has chosen a partner. Everyone advised her against it


In program “The farmer is looking for a wife” Ania has decided which man she will choose as her partner. The farmer had a difficult task because she did not feel particularly fond of any of the candidates. The decision wasn’t easy, but Ania’s choice completely devastated the viewers. Everyone agrees that she made the worst possible mistake.


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Zdanowicz between the lines. Episode 75: Joanna and Krzysztof Ibisz

Ania decided to choose Jakub, which led to quite a bit of confusion in earlier episodes. Ania’s brother found out that Just before he appeared at Ania’s farm estate, Kuba was still in a relationship with another woman: “She said that two weeks ago they were in a relationship, that she was his fiancée.”

It might seem that such behavior would completely remove the man from Ania’s circle of interests. Well, things turned out differently. Ania chose Kuba as her partner. As she told Marta Manowska: “Generally, I don’t have any feelings for him, but somehow I feel closest to him. (…) It’s either Cuba or nothing“.

  • “According to me The guy is dishonest. Dominik was the best choice”
  • Bad choicefailure”
  • Worst choice“what it can be”
  • “I guess She made the worst possible decision
  • “How can you choose a guy with 3 children and naively hope that he will be a sincere, faithful partner. Really, Anka? Seriously?
  • Anka did so much it’s shocking. I was sure she was more sensible and wise. “She chose a guy who flirted with her employee all day long and didn’t end his previous relationship for good.”
  • Worst decision she could have made, I don’t understandthat she made a mistake in her life once and didn’t draw any conclusions, but is making another one and I don’t know if it’s worse. It’s a pity, because she’s a very nice, nice woman. I wish her the best”

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