Prince Harry will not watch season 6 of “The Crown”. There’s a good reason

Prince Harry will not watch season 6 of “The Crown”. There’s a good reason
Prince Harry will not watch season 6 of “The Crown”. There’s a good reason

The sixth season of “The Crown” was divided into two parts. The first one premiered on November 16, the second one will be available on Netflix from December 14. The series about the British royal family arouses a lot of emotions, especially since… The final season shows the last weeks of Princess Diana’s life. The beginnings of her romance with Dodi Al-Fayed, their paradise vacation on a yacht near Saint-Tropez and a tragic accident that occurred in the D’Alma tunnel in Paris in 1997. Watching the 4th episode of the final season of “The Crown” is quite a challenge for people who were closely associated with the “queen of human hearts”.

– said Princess Diana’s butler on the ITV program. It turns out that also the closest members Princess Diana’s family are unable to watch the final season of the series.

Will Prince Harry watch “The Crown”? We know how the prince reacted to the premiere of the series

Harry admitted in one of the interviews that he had watched several episodes of “The Crown” in the past. However, he has no intention of watching season 6.

– reveals an informant to Page Six.

Prince Harry has had a contract with Netflix for over two years. For the streaming giant he has already made two documentaries – “Harry and Meghan” and “Unconquered Hearts”. Currently, the prince is working on his third production, which will tell the story of his extraordinary bond with his mother and his travels to Africa.


Perhaps it is because of the contract with Netflix that Prince Harry has a completely different approach to the series “The Crown” than his brother Prince William. British newspapers wrote a few weeks ago that William has no intention of watching the final season of the series about the royal family because “disgusted by it”, how Netflix and the media use his mother’s image. Harry has a different approach.

– says a source from Page Six. In one of the interviews, Harry admitted that the Netflix series “gives an approximate idea of ​​what the lifestyle of the royal family is like.” – I feel much more comfortable with “The Crown” than I do with stories written about my family, my wife or me – Harry revealed.

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