Confusion with “New Year’s Eve 2023/2024”. “Location may change”

Confusion with “New Year’s Eve 2023/2024”. “Location may change”
Confusion with “New Year’s Eve 2023/2024”. “Location may change”

Public television is organizing further tenders for the organization of New Year’s Eve and has still not included the event in the advertising price list for December. At the same time, the authorities of Zakopane were to receive clear information that TVP’s New Year’s Eve party would not take place near the Tatra Mountains this year.

Although there are still a few weeks left until the end of the year, TVP has still not announced where it will organize “New Year’s Eve of Dreams”. Last year, the agreement between public television and Zakopane was concluded in mid-November. Now it looks like TVP is still looking for a solution and changing its plans.

Public television recently announced a tender for stage and technical services, followed by another one – for the construction of a stage for the broadcast “New Year’s Eve with Dwójką 2023/2024”. Interestingly, the organizer indicated Zakopane as the place of the event in the announcements, but included an additional provision that “the place may change”.

As indicated by the portal, Polish Television has not yet included “New Year’s Eve Dreams” in the advertising price list for December; on December 31, after 8 p.m., there is an item in it – “Entertainment program”.

Where will “New Year’s Eve 2023/24” take place? The city authorities are sure that not in Zakopane

TVP has not yet commented on the organization of “New Year’s Eve 2023/24” or where it will take place. But although public television has not yet issued any official statement, officials from Zakopane make the matter clear.

There will be no New Year’s Eve party in Zakopane this year. It’s unofficial, but at the same time certain. This time the television chose a different city, although for a long time it gave us hope that it would eventually come to Giewont again. We don’t know who our competitor was and took the party away from us. However, we know that the decision is unlikely to change. Until recently, we were under the illusion that this would happen. Now we know that it is too late for that.

— revealed the city authorities in an interview with the Onet portal.


Zakopane officials emphasize that TVP faces a big challenge if it wants to organize New Year’s Eve on time. According to Polish law, the intention to build a stage structure must be reported 21 days before its construction begins. However, previous years show that in order to prepare the New Year’s Eve stage for December 31, the company would have to start its installation no later than a month earlier.

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