Hakiel crushes Cichopek. No one expected such words: “Why should we talk?”

Hakiel crushes Cichopek. No one expected such words: “Why should we talk?”
Hakiel crushes Cichopek. No one expected such words: “Why should we talk?”

Marcin Hakiel He experienced the breakup very hard Katarzyna Cichopek, whom he met during the first editions of “Dancing with the Stars”. After 17 years of relationship and 14 years as a married couple, the couple announced their separation in March 2022. Piece by piece, the dancer revealed cards that suggested that their relationship had ended Kasia Cichopek’s affair with Maciej Kurzajewskiwhich turned out to be true.

“My ex-partner had been asking for more freedom and space for some time. I gave it to her, and… one day it turned out that this freedom had a name” – Hakiel confessed in April in the “City of Women” program. The divorce of Cichopek and Hakiel took place in a tense atmospherewhich the dancer has already mentioned many times, so he does not feel obliged to say that he has a great relationship with his ex-wife.


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In the latest conversation with “Świat Gwiazd”, Marcin Hakiel revealed more details about the relationship with his ex-wife. He has never spoken so honestly and harshly about Cichopek.


Our breakup was not easy, nice and pleasant, so why should we see each other?, why should we talk?? We actually have no contactsour patrons and attorneys sometimes exchange e-mails or letters.

Due to the upcoming holidays, is he going to sit at the same table with them? Turns out, neither. The 40-year-old has no intention of warming up the relationship

“For me, there is simply no such option. We have signed a parental agreement until the end, we have everything planned down to the day, down to the hour,” he confessed in an interview with “Świat Gwiazd”.


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