“Akacjowa 38”: summaries of episodes 238-240. The queen visits Acacia

“Akacjowa 38”: summaries of episodes 238-240. The queen visits Acacia
“Akacjowa 38”: summaries of episodes 238-240. The queen visits Acacia

“Akacjowa 38” is a Spanish series that premiered in 2015. Polish viewers can watch it from the beginning of this year. What is the series “Akacjowa 38” about? The plot takes place at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The story revolves around the fate of a mother and daughter who, due to dramatic experiences from the past, have to flee from their current place of residence. They both change their identities and work as servants in a guesthouse on Acacia Street in Madrid.

Tano is distraught over Gracia’s death. Manuela and German decide to move. They move to a poor apartment. Cayetana is happy that she managed to ruin German.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Akacjowa are preparing for the queen’s visit. Felipe is surprised that Jesus Guerra ignores him, but he does not give up.

Cayetana receives an invitation to meet the queen. Maria Luisa studies hard for the exam. She decides not to think about Victor anymore.

Cayetana has some suspicions about Just. She is convinced that the man is hiding something from her. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman appears in front of Ramon and Trini’s apartment.

Justo talks to German about Cayetana. The man promises him that he will try to find something that will bring the woman down. Meanwhile, preparations for the Queen’s visit are coming to an end.

The Queen arrives at Acacia Street. He talks to Trini for a while, then goes to meet Cayetana. It turns out that they both find a common language.

“Akacjowa 38” it’s a watchable series from Monday to Saturday at 6:45 p.m. on TVP 2. When will episodes 238-240 be broadcast? Below is the list:

  • episode 238 – emission on Thursday, November 23 on TVP 2;
  • episode 239 – emission on Friday, November 24 on TVP 2;
  • episode 240 – emission on Saturday, November 25 on TVP 2.

Replays of individual episodes are broadcast on TVP 2 at 1:45 p.m. All episodes are available on the platform TVP VOD. You can find more news about TV series and stars, interviews and behind-the-scenes of the hottest premieres on our Facebook Świat Seriali.

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