Ewa Chodakowska has undergone a metamorphosis. She finally made up her mind

Ewa Chodakowska has undergone a metamorphosis. She finally made up her mind
Ewa Chodakowska has undergone a metamorphosis. She finally made up her mind

ewa Chodakowska he has his hands full. For years, he has been consistently implementing his plan to encourage Poles to engage in regular training, which is expected to bring the first results after just a few weeks. For motivation, he posts free exercise videos, training tips and diet plans on the Internet. This has helped her gain enormous popularity over the years (she has almost 2 million followers on Instagram alone) and build a financial empire.

This time, however, the famous trainer did not publish an entry related to subsequent exercises… Instead, she decided to do so share information about a decision she resisted for years…


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Ewa Chodakowska announced to observers that she had finally decided to have bangs.

“She’s been following me around for three years… I finally made up my mind. What do you think? Are you YES or NO?” – she wrote under the latest video.

“It’s beautiful, he’s been following me for a few years,” one of the Internet users pointed out that she had similar thoughts.

“Team bangs!”, “Great!”, “Definitely yes”, “You look great in everything” – others comment.

Some even noticed that there is no turning back from such a decision:

“Definitely yes. I have bangs myself and now I can’t see myself without them.”

In addition to her career as a trainer, Ewa Chodakowska also has a very happy private life. She has been with the same partner for many years. Recently, the lovers celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.


“Our 10th wedding anniversary. I used to not believe in weddings. I associated them with losing a part of myself, taking away the freedom of choice… Until you appeared @kavoukis. And so 10 years after the wedding. I choose you. Every day,” she gushed in a video showing shots from the wedding.

At the end of the message, Ewa added a few words addressed only to her beloved: “Thank you, my love, for this wonderful journey, full of peace, joy and happiness. You always say: “Your happiness is my priority”. I am happiest with you and forever yours!”

Lefteris Kavoukis he also associated his life with physical activity. He was even a fitness editor in one of the industry magazines and a marketing manager. Additionally, he founded his own website. Together with his wife, he runs the company “Be Active”.

“At Be Active, when it comes to the training and tools part, I am a trainer. I have my own classes, I train groups, I participate in training during Metamorphosis Weeks. I also have my own ideas that I implement during classes” – Lefteris revealed in an interview with the Newseria agency Kavoukis.

Lefteris Kavoukis comes from Greece. There he graduated in physical education at the University of Kapodistrias in Athens.

It cannot be denied that the lovers are very suitable for each other!

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