Phil Collins’ ex-wife is having a sale. The Genesis leader’s memorabilia will go under the hammer


This time the auction is not an act of revenge. Commenting in an interview with “Page Six” on the sale scheduled for December Orianne Cevey He explains that he currently lives in a much smaller house, so he doesn’t have enough space to keep all his family souvenirs. “It is with a heavy heart that I part with these items. These are some of the most valuable things that were present in our home, in our family. But I have no place to keep them,” she admitted.

As part of the auction organized by Kodner Auctions, you will be able to purchase items belonging to Cevey. We’re talking about Chanel bags, outfits and jewelry. However, what may attract the attention of collectors are items related to her ex-husband. Among them was a piano Phil Collins. The instrument can be sold for PLN 100,000. dollars, but its sentimental value is much greater. It was this instrument that was used at home Collins for family music-making, and it was there that the couple’s older son learned to play.

Another gem that will go under the hammer during the December auction is a jukebox. A wedding gift given to them by the singer’s manager. It is estimated that for selling all the items up for auction, Orianne Cevey may collect from over 2 to even 4 million dollars. However, it is already known that a significant part of the auction profits will be donated to charity. The beneficiary will be the “Never Give Up” foundation, which supports people affected by spinal muscular atrophy and their caregivers.

It can be said that this auction is a kind of dot the i’s, which crowns the very stormy marriage of Phil Cillins and Orianne Cevey. The couple met in 1994 in Switzerland, during his concert tour. At that time, Cevey worked for the musician as a translator and helped him during interviews and meetings with fans. Business meetings quickly turned into private trysts, ending with a fiery romance, which the couple sealed with a wedding in 1999.

In 2006, their marriage made history and ended in the most expensive divorce in history – Cevey received £25 million from the musician. However, the loud divorce was not the end of the former spouses’ love adventures. They decided to get back together after 10 years.

Trying to repair their relationship was a waste of time. Cevey had trouble staying faithful to the musician and… tried to take over Collins’ villa in Florida with her new partner. Only a court order forced her to leave in 2021, which later became the reason for a dispute over the money from the sale of the house.

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