MrBeast allowed himself to be buried alive. He lay in a coffin for seven days

MrBeast allowed himself to be buried alive. He lay in a coffin for seven days
MrBeast allowed himself to be buried alive. He lay in a coffin for seven days

25-year-old influencer Jimmy Donaldson, known on the Internet as “MrBeast” gained fame thanks to videos in which he completes amazing challenges and breaks unique records. His recordings have repeatedly become a hit on the Internet, gaining tens or even hundreds of millions of views.

Today his channel on YouTube 212 million users subscribe, and the films uploaded there have a total of over 37 billion plays.

“MrBeast” amazes again. He allowed himself to be buried alive

In the latest hit video, the YouTuber decided to break the record for the longest stay in a coffin buried underground. The previous record was 50 hours, meanwhile “MrBeast” spent seven days underground.

The influencer dressed in a suit was lowered into a hole dug in the ground in a modern glass coffin. Inside he had supplies of food and water to help him survive the challenge.

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Then the coffin was left covered with nine tons of earth. “I trust my life to this coffin for the next seven days,” the YouTuber declared as he was “buried alive.”

Donaldson, however, was not completely cut off from the world. To ensure his safety, the influencer he was in constant contact with his team members on the surface. They also had access to images from cameras monitoring the interior of the coffin.


The YouTuber spent a week in a coffin. The video became a hit on the Internet

Despite numerous safeguards, the challenge turned out to be a significant mental burden for the influencer. MrBeast broke down in tears several times during the week underground, including when he was brought to the surface.

Ultimately, a YouTuber however, he emerged from the challenge unscathed. The week he spent lying underground had weakened him physically, but not so much that he couldn’t get up on his own after he was released from the coffin.

During the seven days that “MrBeast” spent in the coffin, cameras constantly recorded him. On Saturday, the film was published on YouTube, where it quickly became a hit. Within 24 hours he accumulated over 50 million views.


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