TVP spent almost PLN 10 million on new studios. Huge amounts of money wasted for no reason?


It is no secret that things have not been going well on Polish Television lately. The fear of a political revolution is one thing, but things are not going well inside the company itself. TVP employees have been rebelling against the authorities for weeks due to the lack of raises and appropriate Christmas bonuses. The station still has not agreed to the trade unionists’ demands, and meanwhile TVP has spent further gigantic amounts of money on the controversial renovation and is trying to sell it as a gigantic success.

In recent hours, the heads of the public broadcaster made the announcement with great fanfare official completion of the renovation of Studio B at the headquarters of the Television Information Agencyfrom which information programs have been broadcast over the years: “Teleexpress” and “Panorama”. The thorough reconstruction took just over a year and according to preliminary estimates it cost approximately PLN 9.5 million! What was this money used for?


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In September last year, TVP announced the installation of a system of 11 LED monitors of various sizes inside the studio (the largest of them has a resolution of 6200×1350 pixels). From now on, employees working in the production of both programs will also be able to use five work tables for producers, publishers and directors, a table for the lighting console and a level technician, as well as a modular structure consisting of a base, tabletop and extensions.

Telewizja Polska boasts about the fundamental changes widely on the Internet, and a short material on this subject was also broadcast in the main edition of “Wiadomości”. The station boasts technological innovations that are said to be several lengths beyond the equipment used by its competitors: “Modern technology, AR elements, virtual reality, refreshed graphics referring to the tradition of the program” – calculated in “Panorama”. However, the question arises whether refreshing these two programs should actually be a priority for TVP.

It’s worth noting first that the new studio was initially supposed to be put into operation in the summer of 2023. Meanwhile, viewers had the opportunity to admire the effects of the work for the first time in “Teleexpress” on November 20 and the main edition of “Panorama” on the same day (the earlier Monday broadcasts of this news site were still broadcast in the old “natural circumstances”). The programs themselves face their own problems.


According to Nielsen Audience Measurement data the average audience of “Teleexpress” in October 2023 was 2.14 million people (of which 1.39 million watched the service on TVP1). Means year-on-year decline in the number of viewers by 3.9%.. The total result of “Panorama” (on TVP2 and TVP Info) was even weaker and amounted to 1.56 million viewers. In this case, we are talking about an increase of 4.5%, but this was partly due to simultaneous broadcasting on two different channels.

Moreover, both “Teleexpress” and “Panorama” are rapidly losing interest in the youngest part of the audience. In the October 16-49 segment, both productions recorded an average viewership of 359,000, respectively. and 246 thousand people. So we’re talking about a shockingly small portion of their total audience. The question arises whether it was really worth allocating such huge funds to two increasingly niche programs.

Especially since TVP Infor has been broadcasting from a new studio since 2018, and in the meantime the space from which broadcasts are broadcast was also renovated. “Wiadomości” TVP. According to Wirtualne Media, PLN 16 million was allocated for the first of the mentioned investments, and a minimum of PLN 5.6 million for the second one.

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