Magda Gessler attacked by the manager of the restaurant where “Kitchen Revolutions” failed. The list of accusations is long :: RMF FM

Magda Gessler attacked by the manager of the restaurant where “Kitchen Revolutions” failed. The list of accusations is long :: RMF FM
Magda Gessler attacked by the manager of the restaurant where “Kitchen Revolutions” failed. The list of accusations is long :: RMF FM

In the last episode of “Kitchen Revolutions”, Magda Gessler was a guest in Podkarpacie. The owner of the “Dwa Koguty” restaurant asked her for help. The tastemaker responded to the man’s appeal. She tried to change the place, but in the end she was not successful. Now the new manager blames the TVN station and the host of the program for the failure.

Magda Gessler’s failed revolution in Podkarpacie

“Lasowiackie heart” it was supposed to be a cozy place, where you can get acquainted with local cuisine. Such Magda Gessler had the idea for Maciej’s restaurant, which was in decline. Restaurateur She proposed a lot of changes to the man. Instead Quite a bland place with little specific cards, came up with a restaurant focused on cultivating local culinary traditions. It’s not just the name that’s changing. “Two roosters” left renamed the above-mentioned “Lasowiackie heart”. Revolutionary cleaning will be included in the menulist of products and decor. The new style was supposed to be a guarantee of success.

Unfortunately Magd Gessler was disappointed by the “control visit” to the “Lasowiackie heart”.. She didn’t accept taste and quality of the dishes served. On site she also found out that Sylwia doesn’t work at the inn anymore – a woman whose The restaurateur appreciates her work and culinary sense while carrying out the revolution. From the telephone conversation with the former cook The 70-year-old woman found out that the employee had leftbecause she thought he was the boss disregard follow Magda Gessler’s recommendations.

The manager of “Lachowiackie Serca” blames Magd Gessler for the failure

In time the final summary of the revolution in Przdzło, the host of the TVN show does not spare the owner bitter words. She admits that the change simply didn’t work. After the episode was broadcast on the Internet a storm broke out. Now for the confusion the current manager of “Lasowiackieheart” decided to respond. The woman whose not seen at the time of production episode, he thinks Magda Gessler herself and the TVN production are responsible for the failure.

Dear friends, let’s not allow ourselves to get involved and destroy our self-esteem. When Mrs. Magda Gessler got off the bus, she decided how she would destroy man… as Mrs. Sylwia was promoted – Agnieszka Biele wrote on her Facebook profile.

The woman pointed this out to the restaurateur lack of interest in your fans.

She showed a lack of class… she didn’t greet anyone… she didn’t notice the fans… she treated them like air… She told the guests to leave the room… they ate under the light… – thundered an employee of “Lasowiackie Serca”.

The manager also referred to this the issue of the owner’s departure from the offer of local food by the TVN star. He thinks it’s just an idea not the case of chef Maciej to your taste.

Maciej wants to show off his cuisine… not necessarily Lasowiak cuisine. It was the production’s idea, not his… I don’t understand the hate campaign for this reason. I don’t understand this campaign by our local media. Maciej wants to show how cooking is done in Warmia (the man comes from that region of Poland – editor’s note), and smuggles these secrets into his dishes. The television showed some words, snippets from the context. The worst hate I’ve ever seen in my life – Agnieszka Biele explains in her entry.


There are no perfect restaurants, everyone makes mistakes and draws conclusions from them. He tries his best to improve as much as he can financially. These are hard times, not only in the catering industry – summed up the employee of “Lasowiackieheart” sadly.

Under the manager’s entry it was full of comments. Many people have sensibly admitted that the whole situation verify customers personally.

In fact, “Rynek” will verify it itself. As in any industry. If it’s good, people will come back and word of mouth will spread. And if so, don’t come back.

If the cuisine is really tasty, the place will defend itself.

It’s best to go, eat and judge for yourself, after all, everyone has their own mind – wrote Facebook users.

The latest “Kitchen Revolutions” failed. Magda Gessler: “A tragedy, really”

The latest episode of “Kitchen Revolutions” will not have a happy ending. This time Magda Gessler came to “Zajazd Dwa Koguty” in Podkarpacie. Despite the efforts, the place did not pass the final exam, and the restaurateur…

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