Prince William and Prince Harry: will there be reconciliation? The future king’s words leave no doubt


Prince Harry conflicted with his loved ones, whom he repeatedly slandered in the press. The aristocrat and his wife eagerly talked in the media and in films about how bad it was for them in Great Britain, and the bitterness overflowed when their younger son King Charles III he published a book that was filled with unflattering references to the royals.

Since then, the 39-year-old has avoided contact with his father and brother, and returns to his homeland only for large and official events. At the beginning of September, he went to Great Britain to take part in the celebrations marking the first anniversary of his death Queen Elizabeth II. His stay was very short, and then Harry packed his bags and flew to Germany, where his wife joined him.

Harry’s birthday fell during his stay abroad, but there were no official wishes from his family, who had still remembered his holiday. Fans immediately began to speculate that it was final proof that King Charles III does not want to know his son, a he had to speak out on the whole matter Prince William!


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Prince Harry’s autobiography is on sale

The royal family on its official social media profile Every year, he wishes birthday to people who are closely related to the monarch. There was plenty of beauty in August greeting cards for Princess Anna, the king’s beloved sister.

At the beginning of August, Meghan Markle was also the birthday girl, as already mentioned forgotten. The audience was a bit shocked by this fact, because until now her day had also been commemorated. Unfortunately, the sad situation repeated itself on September 15. That’s when Prince Harry turned 39 years old and the staff working in the palace did not send him official wishes.

Such ignorance did not please supporters of the royal family, who believe that Harry is in open conflict with all his loved ones, especially his brother. Worried fans decided to directly ask the future king why he treated Harry this way.

During William’s meeting with fans in Sandringham, Frsoba from the crowd asked why he forgot his brother’s birthday. The slightly confused 41-year-old blurted out that nothing like that had happened.


“Today is his birthday, you are absolutely right, but I haven’t forgotten it” – the “Mirror” portal quotes the prince’s words.

Do you think William contacted Harry personally that day?

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