Rammstein singer in trouble. Serious accusations

Rammstein singer in trouble. Serious accusations
Rammstein singer in trouble. Serious accusations

Rammstein singer Till Lindemann has been accused by a fan of drugging and violence

A Rammstein fan has made serious accusations against lead singer Till Lindeman. 24-year-old Shelby Lynn from Ireland accused the frontman of the group of giving her drugs and violence, reported “Bild”. The team released an official statement in the matter, denying all accusations.

German metal band Rammstein kicked off a European tour last Monday. The first of 20 concerts as part of the “Europa Stadion Tour 2023” took place in Vilnius. That’s what this show is about accusations made by 24-year-old Shelby Lynn.

The Irishwoman accused the group’s lead singer Till Lindemann in social media of giving her narcotics. During a backstage event, the band’s frontman was also alleged to have used violence against a young woman.

Shelby Lynn She posted photos on social media showing signs of violence she claimed to have experienced at the concert. “These bruises, including finger marks, could have come from a strong grip. I don’t even know when exactly they were created, because I was completely unconscious, under the influence of something“, described the 24-year-old.

Rammstein concert. The 24-year-old accuses the singer of violence

Irish added that along with other young women, she was invited by the band to a backstage party. Rammstein singer Till Lindemann allegedly spilled tequila there.

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During a break in the concert, she was taken by an employee to a small room where she was supposed to meet the singer. However, she said that she had made it clear several times before that she did not want sexual contact. She was assured that the meeting was about something else.

According to the newspaper’s account, Lindemann was said to have angrily accepted the refusal to have sex. The next morning, the 24-year-old noticed bruises. She also complained of arrhythmias, nausea and chills.

Accusations against Till Lindemann. The team issued a statement

The band denied any accusations by posting statement on Twitter.

“Referring to the allegations about Vilnius circulating on the Internet, we can exclude that the alleged event took place in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigations into this matter,” a Rammstein spokesman said.

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