Ivan Komarenko reported that he had written a new song. “The inspiration was a trip to Russia.” Storm in the comments.


Ivan Komarenko has been attracting attention for a long time not as an artist, but mainly because of his controversial views. The creator of the hit “Her Black Eyes” recently went to Russia and then praised its splendor, praising Putin. Such outbursts immediately met with a firm reaction from Internet users from Poland, who do not understand why the artist speaks flatteringly about the man responsible for the attack on Ukraine. Recently, Ivan Komarenko caused a sensation that he decided to leave Russia. He was accused of fearing conscription into the army. As it turned out, the singer and his mother took a Turkish holiday. Now, after several weeks of no social media activity, Komarenko has returned to Instagram and announced that he has created a new song.

Ivan Komarenko created a song inspired by Russia

During his short absence from Instagram, Ivan Komarenko was not idle because he was working on a new song. As he announced, the song will premiere at noon on May 26, which is not accidental, because the song is inspired by a trip to Russia and his mother.

– Hello, my dear, positive people, I wish you well in the coming weekend, and everyone who likes my music, I invite you to my YouTube channel tomorrow at 12.00, where the premiere of a new song will take place. The inspiration for the song was my trip to Russia and a meeting with my mother. As you can guess, the song will be about mom he said in a message on Instagram.

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In the description of the post, he added that the release date of the song is not accidental. Unfortunately, this time Ivan Komarenko met with huge hate and an outpouring of regrets for his pro-Putin views. There were also very dramatic references to the war caused by Putin.


– Stay in Russia. Do not come.
– “All positive people” … the ones dropping bombs or the ones raping innocent women? Shua is an understatement…
– Ivanek, why don’t you write a song about how your kin are murdering people in Ukraine, bombing civilian objects, houses, hospitals, schools, how they are destroying this country […]because you keep pretending that nothing is happening, that Russia is great, that there is no war, you show sweet pictures, coffee, fruit for breakfast, the rising sun, the sea, etc. have the courage to write the truth! – write angry netizens.

Are you waiting for a new song by Ivan Komarenko?

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