It is known what film of the Polish popular Twitch streamer has leaked


A video of one of the Polish Twitch streamers appeared on the web, who took up a different type of activity.

Things like this don’t happen very often, but they do happen. Especially when someone shows up on OF and probably sends this type of stuff in private messages. For several hours, this video has been sent on various Discords and Telegrams.

Most comments on the original post on Reddit are simply from saving this material. The video has been removed but is still available – it’s because of the way Reddit works. Interestingly, the material was removed by the sharer.

Leak of the film of the Polish streamer

In 2023, many female streamers withdrew from OF, while some went in a different direction and resigned from Twitch in favor of OF. This is the case here. Honey, because we are talking about her, streamed for the last time in February this year. Since then, accounts with her initials have been very active, including on Reddit.

The general trend in Poland is that streamers, however, bet on Twitch, withdrawing from side activities over time. Among other things, for the sake of leaks. There are few girls in Poland who can prevent it. Usually it looks like one person pays and 1000 benefit. Lots of girls have their own threads on various forums and you really don’t have to be a genius to get there for free.

Honey chose a different path. At some point, she stopped streaming and apparently decided to go with OF and Reddit. It is known that the international audience always “reflects” better than typical PL.

Activity was limited to OF and Instagram. Now the network has become loud because of this leak. It was shared on Reddit and shows “everything”. This typically looks like a video sent to a specific user or group of users. One of them apparently decided to pass it on.


At the bottom there is usually a caption with a link to OF, so there is no question of a leak of a private recording not intended for publication.

It is not known whether this is a promotional campaign or simply a leak, so we will not provide details. Well, maybe apart from the nickname of the user who added the video – OkEntertainment1927.

Reddit, if a user deletes content, leaves it normally available from the link or profile level. It’s like someone is curious. This leak can easily disappear from the network, but for now it is still available and anyone can go to a specific profile and see what is being talked about.

The article is in Polish

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