Wojciech Mann had three wives. The last one he won with “an extraordinary body structure”

  • Wojciech Mann was born on January 25, 1948 in Świdnica. He became famous thanks to running “Chances of Success” for TVP2 and numerous broadcasts on radio Trójka
  • The number “three” is also very closely related to the journalist’s personal life. Mann put on the wedding carpet three times. He has a child with only one of his wives
  • Marcin Mann followed in his father’s footsteps and is also associated with the media
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Wojciech Mann remains one of the most popular music journalists in Poland. For many decades he was associated with Program III of Polish Radio, and TV viewers loved him for hosting “Chance for Success”. Today, he works at Radio Nowy Świat, which he founded with several former employees of Radio Three. Although we know a lot about his professional affairs, we will find little information about Wojciech Mann’s private life. The journalist himself rarely talks about the family in interviews. However, rarely does not mean at all several times he opened the veil of secrecy about home life.

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Wojciech Mann had three wives. After one of the divorces, he spoke of “immaturity”

Wojciech Mann was married three times. There is practically no information on the web about who the first two lovers of the journalist’s heart were, he rather avoids talking about personal topics. He made an exception in an interview for “Gala” in 2008, in which he mentioned his first wife between words. When asked about the passing time, he stated:

When asked about the reasons for the breakdown of his first marriage, he diplomatically replied:

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She became the third wife of Wojciech Mann Ewa Banskawhom the journalist married at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. When asked about her husband in an interview with “Rewia”, she said that he impressed her “unique body structureMentioning comments that Mann was allegedly “puffing and slurping” while hosting the show, she added:

The wife is also to watch over Wojciech Mann to follow the diet. A few years ago, in an interview with the magazine “Show”, he explained:

Wojciech Mann often emphasizes that he is a homebody and is not a lover of visiting salons, which his wife does not quite like. As he said in an interview with Plejada:

Ireneusz Sobieszczuk / PAP

Wojciech Mann with his family

Wojciech Mann avoids talking about personal topics. In an interview for “Gala” in 2006, he made an exception and told a bit about his wedding. He confirmed that he did not allow anyone to interfere in what would sound during the weddingthen added:

A few years later, in an interview with Paweł Piotrowicz for Onet, he mentioned his wife, talking about his large record collection. He said:

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In one of the interviews for “Gala”, the presenter emphasized that in everyday home life he is helped by his sense of humor, which endears his wife. Wojciech Mann said:

Wojciech Mann with his wife

Marcin Michalski / Studio69 / Forum / FORUM


Wojciech Mann with his wife

Wojciech Mann with his third wife has his only son, now 32 years old Martin. As he once mentioned in an interview for “Gala” in 2008, the boy never caused him much trouble and did not go through, for example, a period of rebellion. When asked about his son, he mentioned:

Wojciech Mann in one of the interviews for “Gala” emphasized that that he always gave his son a lot of freedom, but “forced” him one thing – to be in touch with his family. As he explained:

In the same interview, Wojciech Mann was asked what the worst and best features his son inherited from him. The journalist stated:

Wojciech and Marcin Mann

Jaroslaw Antoniak / MW Media

Wojciech and Marcin Mann

The long-time host of “Szansy na Sukces” also emphasized that his son inherited his passion for music. Talking about his only child, he said:

Wojciech Mann owes his activity on Facebook to the child, which he mentioned in an interview for Plejada, saying that it was Marcin who persuaded him to run his own profile. Since then, the journalist often shares his thoughts on social and political issues online. The former star of TVP and Trójka also referred to questions about the lack of more children in interviews several times. Each time he emphasized that he wanted to have a bigger family, but he did not succeed. In an interview with Vivy! stated:

A few years ago, Wojciech Mann claimed that he did not plan to work with his son. When asked about it in an interview for Plejada, he stated:

Today, father and son run a joint broadcast “Morning Manna” on Radio Nowy Świat.

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