Joanna Racewicz had an accident. “My blood has drained”


Joanna Racewicz she will certainly remember the events of Tuesday, January 24 for a long time to come. As if she wasn’t stressed enough about the author’s meeting planned for the evening in connection with the publication of a book with a very catchy title “Sleeping with the CEO”, fate gave her a car accident for good measure. Fortunately, no one was hurt as a result of the collision. Fans of the author, however, had to wait a little longer for her arrival.

The car was slightly damaged. The man did not want to write a statement. The police were called. Turns out he wanted to force priority – reports the Pomponik portal after its informant.

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When Racewicz when she finally got there, she explained why she was late, albeit earlier Beata Tadla informed the gathering about the circumstances.

I am very sorry guys. In the worst case scenario, I never thought this would happen. (…) Until my blood drained, I felt weak, pale – she explained.

Unfortunately, the security services had their hands full that afternoon. The prospect appeared on the horizon that Racewicz would wait for the arrival of the police for two hours. However, as she admits, she dialed the right numbers, pulled the right strings, and the patrol magically materialized in front of her.

Please believe me I made all the connections. I found it useful to work in the news and invite press officers and other very important men in uniform. I explained what it was about. It really does come in handy sometimes, and this was a higher necessity – Pomponik quotes from the journalist.


Can the premiere of a book really be considered a state of “higher necessity”?


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For her, it was a higher necessity because it was about her, Kowalski would have waited those 2 hours.

I had collisions too, I waited 20 minutes for the police without pulling strings. Although the woman wanted to write a statement, I called the police. Maybe I got a little rude, but she was a little pushy, even though it was her fault, then she wanted a statement. The guy in the service told me that now people are withdrawing their statements en masse and they can still say that the other person is to blame and the company will not pay anything. Why should I stretch?

Higher Necessity???? Author’s meeting ???? And I’m proud of it!!!!


Book promotion is a higher necessity? What a pretentious woman.

I made friends, haha

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The police are guarding Jarek in Żoliboż, hence he is very busy

What a crap!! What strings? So what, we have different citizens, some social and professional classes?? How the police work, we know if they will come, at what time it is a lottery, but to write such nonsense?!

It’s good that they recognized her, because they all look like cut out from a template, in the photos you have to look at the description to know who we’re talking about ha ha

What is this lady saying? So the Police can also be dealt with as for PRL-U, sausage from under the counter? Well done you!

And I will tell you this. She was late deliberately, she made up the story about the crash, just to remind herself about herself on the box and mention the book. A marketing ploy. This poor mummy is out of work, fired from the radio and polsat, she does everything to be remembered. And then despair on IG that they hate her over and over again. We know you Aśka, smartass. You talk in other media about some intersection of Filtrowa and al. Niepodległości, while there is no such intersection in Wawa at all. You came from the countryside and you don’t know.

Disfigured to the max, what do they have with those pimpongs on their face, it looks terrible, she confused her cheeks with breasts

It’s good that the silicone didn’t shoot out and acid from the face


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