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Amazon has signed one of the largest renewable energy purchase agreements in Poland

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Amazon has signed a contract for the purchase of energy from a photovoltaic farm in Miłkowice in the Legnica district. This is one of the largest solar energy purchase agreements in Poland to date.

Amazon has announced the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of renewable energy from a photovoltaic farm in Miłkowice. This is one of the largest solar energy purchase agreements in Poland. This investment is part of Amazon’s global effort to expand its renewable energy portfolio with an additional 2.7 gigawatts (GW) of clean energy in 71 new projects.

The installed capacity of the photovoltaic farm in Miłkowice is approximately 87 MW. According to forecasts, the power plant is to generate over 120 thousand. megawatt hours of clean energy per year, equivalent to the energy demand of approx. 57 thousand. Polish households annually.

Thanks to this investment, Amazon has a direct contribution to the achievement of the target adopted by the Polish government, which is to increase the share of energy from renewable sources in the Polish energy sector to at least 23% by 2030.

The deal will increase the share of renewable energy in the Polish power grid, helping to accelerate decarbonization in Poland, where fossil fuels still generate 85% of energy. The support of new renewable energy projects by entrepreneurs like Amazon is helping to open up the market to more wind and solar farms and accelerating the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


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“The transition of entrepreneurs to green energy is one of the major trends in business today. In modern energy, renewable energy sources are a key element of activities supporting the energy transformation. This is particularly important in the case of Poland: on the one hand, its energy system is based on high-emission sources; on the other hand, it has enormous potential for renewable energy, especially solar, but also onshore and offshore wind. Taking advantage of this potential may make the RES segment in Poland one of the largest in Europe. Energy purchase contracts signed with companies also support the government in achieving its goals, accelerating the increase in the share of renewable energy sources without state support. The signing by Amazon of the contract for the purchase of renewable energy from Miłkowice is an important step on Poland’s path towards renewable energy sources, ”said Szymon Kowalski, vice president of the RE-Source Poland Hub Foundation.


The construction of a solar power plant in the commune of Miłkowice will also benefit the inhabitants of the Legnica poviat.

“I am very happy that the Miłkowice Commune has joined the global activities of Amazon with its photovoltaic project. Benefits from the operation of the photovoltaic power plant will flow to the inhabitants of the commune for at least the next 30 years. We are currently preparing further projects with even greater renewable energy generation capacity, ”said Dawid Sachura, the head of the Miłkowice Commune.

Amazon is the largest buyer of renewable energy in the world, currently has over 100 renewable energy projects in Europe and a total of 379 projects in 21 countries, including 154 wind and solar farms and 225 photovoltaic installations on the roofs of buildings, with a total capacity of 18.5 GW of clean energy . The projects will power offices, logistics centers, data centers and Amazon stores that collectively serve millions of customers around the world. By 2025, Amazon aims to supply its operations with 100% renewable energy. At the end of 2021, its share in the scale of the entire company was 85%.

Amazon is a co-creator of the 2019 Climate Pledge, under which it has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement deadline. 365 signatories have now signed the declaration, including Best Buy, IBM, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Siemens, Unilever, Verizon and Visa. Amazon also bought 100,000. electric vans are part of the largest ever order of their kind and began rolling them out in the United States. Through its Climate Declaration Fund, the company is also investing $ 2 billion in developing services and solutions that contribute to decarbonisation.

Amazon has been operating in Poland since 2014 and has created over 25,000. permanent jobs in ten modern logistics centers, as well as in the Amazon Web Services office in Warsaw and Technology Development Centers in Gdańsk, Kraków and Warsaw.


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