The Germans also collect firewood. Fears of winter are growing

The Germans also collect firewood. Fears of winter are growing
The Germans also collect firewood. Fears of winter are growing

The Germans collect brushwood because all the firewood warehouses have been “swept clean”. Our western neighbors are afraid of winter, because they do not know whether gas will flow this winter and whether the heating will be turned on – Polsat News informs. Additionally, there are no other energy carriers, This is because Germany is also buying firewood en masse. Sellers in many places they are no longer able to cope such a huge number of orders – reports Polsat News.

Supply is not able to increase rapidly to meet the increased demand. “The firewood has to be dried in a long-term process so that its production is slow. We have reached the point where the national forestry sector is no longer able to fulfill its tasks “- added the representatives of the German Firewood Association.

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The problem is not only that there is a shortage of firewood in Germany, but also the stoves which Stove manufacturers are grappling with record order volumes. In panic, the Germans want to install an additional heating option in their homes.



The tightening of the gas tap in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline (recently it flows at only 20% of the capacity) and the extremely unfavorable RES conditions are causing a shock on the German energy market. Prices on short-term contracts have more than doubled.

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Also in Poland, collecting brushwood is experiencing a renaissance. For several years, the interest in the so-called branching, i.e. collecting branches, was small. However, the more expensive gas, coal, eco-pea coal or pellets meant that queues began to form in Polish forests and you have to sign up for lists (you need a forester’s consent to collect branches). A trailer of brushwood costs about PLN 35 and – depending on the calorific value of the wood – it is enough for 2-3 weeks of heating. In this text, we explain what a program that has been called “Chrust plus” is.

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