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When traveling to countries like Thailand or Vietnam, we want to see as many places as possible in a short time. Since attractions are often located at great distances, we are looking for a way to do so the fastest and cheapest way to get there.

For example, tourists who fly to Bangkok and want to reach Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, they often choose a plane or a night train with a couchette. I didn’t manage to book it in time, so I covered this route in third grade. It wasn’t the most pleasant adventure, but it was definitely unforgettable!

I took an overnight double-decker bus on the 11-hour return journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with seats that recline to a half-lying position.

Every passenger had at his disposal blanketafter a few hours we also received a small treat buns and a small bottle of water. There was a pilot on board who answered all questions.

Karolina Walczowska / Onet

Traveling by “Bangkok Busline” from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

There was one stop on the route with a bathroom (the toilet was also on board the bus), a restaurant and a snack shop.

The ride was really comfortable. The seats reclined to a comfortable position and your feet could be rested about the footstool.

Karolina Walczowska / Onet

Conditions on the bus were comfortable

The ticket for the trip cost 594 baht in October 2023, i.e. approx. PLN 64.

Hotel bus

We recently described how the British Mia Challine went with her brother to Vietnam, where they traveled, among others, night sleeper bus. The journey from Hanoi to Hoi An turned out to be terrible for her.

On TikTok, she said that although the interior was comfortable and everyone had a comfortable couch for themselves, the bus only stopped twice for 20 hours crossing, and there was no toilet on board. She also emphasized that she was 188 cm tall and it was difficult for her to fit in.

My experience was completely different. The bus on the route from the island of Cat Ba to the town of Sapa, which I traveled with, primarily he stopped many times. Among others because we had to change the vehicle in Hanoi.


Initially, we traveled in a bus with leather couches, and in the next bus the couches were made. Everyone had their own pillow and blanket.

On the route from Cat Ba Island to Sapa with a stop in Hanoi

Karolina Walczowska / Onet

On the route from Cat Ba Island to Sapa with a stop in Hanoi

The bus stations where we stopped were not the most pleasant ones the toilet in one of them was among the strangest toilets I have ever used in my life.

All you had to do was tilt your head slightly “smile” at your neighbor next door…

A toilet at one of the bus stations in Vietnam

Karolina Walczowska / Onet

A toilet at one of the bus stations in Vietnam

For me, I am 172 cm tall, it was comfortable on the couch. Not only did I fall asleep, but I also rested a bit. However, I would actually advise against such a trip for people who are taller. Alternatively, you have to be ready for lying down with legs curled up.

Because the roads in Vietnam are not perfect, At times it was shaking quite hard and I was afraid I might fall. Fortunately, there were seat belts that made us feel safe.

Would I do this again? almost 12-hour journey? Of course! First of all, the ride cost money 550 thousand dongs, i.e. approx. PLN 90, which was not a high price because the route was long. Secondly, it took place at night, so I didn’t have to rent accommodation. Thirdly, it is a fantastic adventure that I recommend to every tourist in Asia.


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