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A dryer to the rescue

Washing is easy and simple. We have been making them for many, many years by pressing just a few buttons. But it’s not enough to just wash things. They still need to be dried, and that may be a problem. And this is true even in summer, when we can enjoy the benefits of the sun on the balcony or in the garden. In spring and autumn it is worse, especially when it rains. And winter is a real nightmare, because you have to dry everything at home, and we don’t always have space for it. And our clothes do not always dry quickly and thoroughly enough. How to deal with this? For example, using a dryer such as ELECTROLUX EW8H458BP PerfectCare, which can now be purchased in the Media Expert store for as much as PLN 600.99 cheaper as part of the Black Friday promotion. This great device normally costs PLN 2,599, but now you can get it for only PLN 1,999! In turn, the lowest price from 30 days before the reduction was PLN 2,599.99. So this is an excellent, bargain promotion!

It is easy to be amazed by the possibilities of this dryer from a renowned Swedish manufacturer. Its most important feature is that it uses a state-of-the-art inverter engine operating on the principle of a heat pump for condensation drying. These are no longer the old methods of centrifuging moisture. ELECTROLUX PerfectCare dries not only faster and more thoroughly, but also much more gently. So you can easily put even woolen and cashmere sweaters in this dryer without worrying about their shrinkage. Moreover, thanks to a very modern working method, this dryer is both very quiet and extremely energy-efficient. It uses half as much electricity as older dryers – its annual, intensive use costs only a dozen or so zlotys a month.

This intelligent dryer not only cares for wool and cashmere, for which it has received the prestigious Woolmark certificate, but also, for example, waterproof fabrics and bedding. The latter can also be cleaned by 99.99% while drying. viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, as evidenced by the rarely awarded Swissatest certificate. And of course, you can easily place it on top of a washing machine to save space at home. Purchasing this dryer for PLN 600 less involves only one risk – once we start using it, we will no longer imagine life without the amenities it offers.

A dishwasher is a must

A dishwasher is another household appliance that is really hard to live without. This will be confirmed by all people who benefit from its benefits. Only when we buy the first dishwasher and start using it do we realize how much time and effort washing dishes by hand costs us. And what enormous amounts of water we used to clean everything by hand. A neat dishwasher WHIRLPOOL W2F HD624X perfect for our first one. Its undisputed advantage is that instead of PLN 1,999.99, it costs only PLN 1,599 during Black Friday. Pure savings. The lowest price from 30 days before the discount is PLN 1,699.00.

This WHIRLPOOL dishwasher may seem small, but it can hold as many as 14 sets, so it can easily wash up after dinner even for a large family or clean the dishes, tableware and cutlery from the entire day for a smaller family. It will do it quietly, efficiently and, above all, saving both electricity and water. The special Sixth Sense technology not only allows you to adjust the washing parameters, but also automatically reduces the use of water and electricity if it determines that there are fewer dishes to wash than usual. The whole family will be happy with a purchase such as a WHIRLPOOL dishwasher, PLN 400 cheaper on Black Friday. Especially those members whose previous duties included washing up.


Modern oven

What to do if we already have a dryer and a dishwasher and we still want to take advantage of these fantastic Black Friday discounts to enrich our home and make our lives easier? We can think about replacing the oven. An advanced, modern one that uses electricity to generate steam, enabling exceptionally healthy preparation of meals. Just like ELECTROLUX EOC8P39H SteamCrisp. It’s also cheaper now! What does it offer? A modern Swedish way of healthy and economical cooking.


This incredibly elegant, black oven not only perfectly copes with all the possible tasks required of a traditional device of this type. Additionally, thanks to the advanced steam generation system, it allows for perfect preparation of meat and vegetables. And in different ways, because by changing the amount of steam, you can not only bake and cook, but also roast, stew, grill, and even prepare sous-vide dishes. Additionally, it has a steam regeneration mode that allows you to reheat meals without drying them out, and even refresh stale bread. It is also easy to clean thanks to pyrolysis, which chars all the leftovers and grease and allows you to easily sweep them out.

And a coffee machine, of course

If our life is already comfortable enough thanks to advanced household appliances in the kitchen, it can still be enriched even more. This time a bit of luxury offered by our own machine for brewing delicious coffee exactly to our liking. During the Black Friday promotion at Media Expert, you can save as much as PLN 300 on a great espresso machine DELONGHI Dinamica 350.75.S. This brand needs no introduction to any coffee drink lover. And this particular model, available on sale, obviously meets all the expectations one could have for the undisputed leader.


This 15-bar, 1450-watt automatic home barista can prepare coffee in up to twelve different ways. It will brew cappuccino, cappuccino+, doppio, espresso, espresso macchiato, flat white, latte, latte macchiato, long, lungo, ristretto and, of course, also classic black coffee. Or two at once. And each of them exactly the way we like it the most. This chic, silver DELONGHI home machine may actually be a bit of a luxury, but considering how difficult it is for some people to function without their morning dose of caffeine, such a machine can also be considered a necessity. Now, on Black Friday, PLN 300 cheaper. The lowest price from 30 days before the discount was PLN 2,799.99. So the benefit is obvious!

Not just the above

Of course, the Media Expert range available in various promotions during Black Friday is much wider and richer than the sample equipment mentioned above. You can choose one of them and it will be not only a good choice, but also a reasonable one. However, you can look for another device in the promotional offer that will make your life easier. Black Friday is the best time for such shopping. And household appliances, although perhaps not as impressive as other Christmas gifts, are very practical and improve our lives many times more than anything else. No gift can compare to the effort, time and money that we recover thanks to dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and other household appliances. Now the cheapest of the year. It’s worth thinking about taking advantage of Black Friday.

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