Trade unionists from PGE had a disagreement over… raises. “It’s a handout. Let the employees judge for themselves.”


Mine and Power Plant Most trade unions operating in the Bełchatów mine, owned by the PGE GiEK concern, have reached an agreement on pay raises for miners. At the same time, they accused one of the organizations of not signing the document once again. Its chairman responded to the activists in harsh words. Can we already talk about an open conflict between trade unionists?

Miners from Bełchatów Brown Coal Mine get raises. The agreement on this matter was signed by most of the trade unions operating at the plant, which informed that the increase in the pay grade for all employees will be PLN 200. Mine workers will also receive a one-time bonus of PLN 2.7 thousand PLN (gross). This proposal was agreed to by, among others, ZZ “Kadra”, MK WZZ “August 80”, mine “Solidarność”, ZZ Górnictwa Węgla Brunatnego, Trade Union of Continuous Workers KWB Bełchatów, and ZZ “Konto”. However, it is impossible to resist the impression that in the mine it is difficult to achieve unanimity among trade unionists and it is rather difficult to talk about cooperation or “playing for one goal” in negotiations with the employer. The issue of negotiated pay raises has put the organizations in question at odds with another mine union.

In the published statement, which provided information about the signed wage agreement, trade unionists noted that the document was not signed by operating in the “Odkrywka” minewhich was also accompanied by an appropriate comment.

– We were surprised to receive the information provided by the Employer that the agreement was signed by part of the Social Side. Only one union (Odkrywka) did not sign the agreement, and it also did not sign the agreement in January, thanks to which the wages of employees (including those in Odkrywka) increased by PLN 600 from February 1, 2023. Odkrywka’s current demands are known only to a small group of members of their union. It appears that rank-and-file union members accept this policy of the Odkrywki Management Board – it was stated in a statement published on the union’s website.

It was also noted that the wage agreements signed this year “resulted in an increase in remuneration for all mine employees, including members of ZZ Odkrywka.” It didn’t take long for the chairman of the mine union to respond to such a taunt.


– I didn’t expect you would start playing with the Employer against the Trade Union. You signed it, I don’t question it, because each union is independent and self-governing. But if, at the request of the Employer, you issue a message slandering other trade unions that do not want to agree to a one-time alms handout of PLN 2,700 gross, which could be converted into PLN 200 for the basic amount, there is something wrong with you – he wrote on social media Adam Olejnik, chairman of the mine “Okrywka”. – I understand that you respect your precious time and you don’t want to fight for higher wages for employees, that’s why you sign whatever is on the table, but you have no right to criticize those who fight for these wages – he added.

We asked the chairman of “Okrywka” about the whole situation, and he admitted that he did not want to comment on the whole matter in more detail.

– I will not comment on the trade unions’ allegations against us, because employees are aware of what has been signed and should let them judge for themselves whether these increases satisfy them – says Adam Olejnik.

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