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Will credit holidays be extended? “We will announce it before the elections”


In the coming days, before the elections, a decision regarding credit holidays will be announced, Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń said on Polsat News on Monday. He added that he did not rule out extending the zero VAT rate on food next year.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Finance was asked on Monday on Polsat News when the decision on credit holidays would be made.

“We will, of course, announce it before the elections, but if it requires legislative changes, it cannot be introduced before the elections,” noted Minister Artur Soboń. He recalled that this year is a time “when Poles often take advantage of this benefit.”

Interia’s conversation. Walder Buda on a possible extension of the so-called credit holidays

The deputy minister of finance was also asked about a possible extension of anti-crisis shields. He recalled that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that at the end of the year there would be a decision, among others: on whether to continue zero VAT on food.

“Before adopting the state budget for 2024, we must decide whether to continue the zero VAT rate on food, which I do not rule out,” Soboń pointed out.

At the end of August, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the decision on extending the loan holidays would be made by the end of the first half of September. He indicated that if such a decision was made, he would recommend the application of income criteria to relevant institutions.

The Act on crowdfunding for business ventures and assistance to borrowers entered into force at the end of July 2022. It introduced the so-called credit holidays, i.e. the possibility of suspending the repayment of housing loan installments in PLN for four months in 2022 and four months in 2023. Credit holidays can be used by people who repay a mortgage loan taken out for their own housing needs in Polish currency before July 1, 2022 .

The zero rate on food was introduced by an act passed by the Sejm on January 13, 2022, which entered into force on February 1, 2022. It was an element of the second Anti-Inflation Shield, under which VAT rates on fuels and electricity were reduced. Tax cuts related to energy carriers expired at the end of 2022, the VAT rate on food applies until the end of 2023.



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