A revolution in cash payments. MPs want further work on the bill


On Thursday night, the first reading of the draft amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act and some other acts took place. The new regulations were introduced by politicians of the ruling party. The deputies decided that the bill would be dealt with by the parliamentary finance committee.

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Lower cash payment limit. The project will go to the committee

This change may lead to complications of certain types of transactions, especially by micro and small entrepreneurs, including craftsmen and sole proprietors, therefore it is necessary to abolish the restrictions to be introduced in this respect, in particular in connection with the difficult situation of entrepreneurs caused by the armed conflict in Ukraine and rising inflation due to this conflict.

The authors of the project point out that problems may arise especially with one-off transactions. “If it is not possible to pay in cash, the parties must use other forms of payment, and waiting for a bank transfer may in many cases lead to the abandonment of the transaction. This can lead to difficulties and significantly reduce small trade. Problems of this type may be an impediment to trading on food exchanges, bazaars, marketplaces where micro- and small entrepreneurs, in particular from the food and catering industry, buy supplies.

Moreover, it was indicated that the obligation to settle via a bank account leads to an increase in overall transaction costswhich ultimately translates into an increase in the prices of goods and services for consumers.

Therefore – as explained – the draft provides for the repeal of Art. 22 point 1 of the “Polish Lad”, which introduced a reduction in the cash turnover limit for entrepreneurs.

The new regulations also assume the removal of provisions relating to consumer-company relations (Article 18 of the Polish Deal Act), which were also to come into force from 2024. The regulations provide for the obligation for consumers to make payments via a payment account if the one-off value of the transaction with the entrepreneur – regardless of the number of resulting transactions – exceeds 20,000 zloty.


The deputy minister calms down

Considering the difficult situation of consumers in connection with high inflation caused by the armed conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to lift restrictions in this respect also with regard to consumers.

Deputy Minister of Finance Artur Soboń informed that the government was in favor of the proposal contained in the draft, maintaining the current limit for entrepreneurs and repealing the limit in consumer-entrepreneur settlements. At the same time, he emphasized that there is no threat to cash transactions in Poland. He added that cash “was not, is not and will not be at risk.” However, he drew attention to the advantages of non-cash settlements, which are increasingly used by entrepreneurs, e.g. due to lower costs.


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