My Current 5.0. New rules. Higher grant amounts. Who can gain?


My Current is a program that aims to promote the idea of ​​renewable energy sources in Poland by increasing the production of electricity from photovoltaic micro-installations.

People who want to increase their energy independence in the era of high electricity prices in 2022 can apply for co-financing for the purchase of photovoltaic panels or photovoltaic installations together with additional devices, including energy storage or heat storage.

Only natural persons generating electricity for their own needs may apply for subsidies for micro-installations (PV) and energy storage devices, provided that they settle under net-billing. This applies to new pro-consumers as well as existing users who resigned from settling in the discount system in favor of the system introduced on April 1, 2022.

The next edition of the My Electricity program will start on December 15 – informed the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow. The main change it will bring My Current 5.0 there will be higher subsidies for some projects financed under the programme.

Due to the economic situation, including high inflation, as well as the energy crisis in Europe, it will be increased funding under the My Electricity program.

In case of applications for co-financing only PV micro-installations – the amount of co-financing will be up to 50%. eligible costs, but no more than 6 thousand zloty;

In case of applications for co-financing of PV micro-installations with energy storage the co-financing will be:

  • for micro-installations up to 50% of eligible costs – no more than PLN 7,000. zloty;
  • to an energy storage facility up to 50% of eligible costs – no more than PLN 16,000 zloty.

Beneficiaries who have already received a grant payment from My Electricity 2022 will receive compensation – provided that they are entitled to increased funding after the calculation. You do not need to submit any additional applications to receive additional funds.

The basic rule is that co-financing under the My Electricity program may not exceed half of the investment costs. It should also be emphasized that the eligible costs apply to both the purchase and assembly of the elements.


The My Electricity program was supposed to end in December 2022. The government is also making changes in this area. The call for proposals from April 15, 2022 has been extended to March 31, 2023.

To submit an online application for co-financing for a photovoltaic installation under the My Electricity program, you must use a trusted profile or e-proof. You must remember about the login and password to the trusted profile. It can be set up on the site Data is required to submit an application:

  • a copy of the invoice for the delivery and installation of the photovoltaic installation, the copy of the invoice should bear the annotation “Submitted to the My Electricity Priority Programme”,
  • proof of payment of the invoice/declaration of the payment made,
  • certificate of the Distribution Network Operator confirming the installation of the meter together with the number of the Power Consumption Point where it was installed,
  • declaration of self-assembly of the installation (only if the installation is self-assembly, assuming that you have the necessary qualifications).

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